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Your Daily Tips

Even on the busiest mornings, this prompt has brought me amazing clarity

Editor’s note: Last month, we asked for your Daily Tips—the strategies, life hacks, and bits of wisdom that have made your life better. We love reading your responses and will be featuring some of our favorites here on Forge. To share your own Daily Tip, simply publish a post on Medium with the tag MyDailyTip.

I always felt bad after reading articles about the power of the the Morning Routine. Not because I didn’t believe that having one would benefit me, but because I could never make it work.

My mornings are full on. Time is scarce. I often work…

Just ask yourself 5 “whats”; it’s quick, easy and it works

Girl with red hair, sitting in a boat
Girl with red hair, sitting in a boat

We all have to deal with “difficult encounters” in our day-to-day lives. It might be tackling a work colleague about poor performance, or calling out unacceptable behaviour from friends or family.

Some of us have no problem dealing with any of these things. They don’t create any anxiety at all. They’re seen as just another task to knock off the list.

It’s different for other people. They dread the thought of a confrontation and would do anything to avoid it.

They imagine the worst possible outcome, which leads them to postponing the evil day as long as they can. All…

They’re just too tempting for most people to resist

Two girls, standing in a shop, smiling
Two girls, standing in a shop, smiling

Our 30s can be the time lots of us make what my parent’s generation called “good money.” You’ve inched your way up the career ladder or seen your business deliver modest returns.

You’re not rich, but you’ve progressed from being financially “solvent” to being financially “robust.” And that’s when the problems can start.

Rather than invest for the future, it’s easy to tell ourselves we deserve to finally splash some cash. The idea of treating ourselves to “grown-up” luxuries can be hard to resist.

Marketing careers have been built on convincing 30-year-olds to spend more than they need to.


And key lessons from my personal plan

Man leaning on a desk
Man leaning on a desk

Imagine if all your worst fears about money came true.

How would you react if your employer introduced savage wage cuts? Now add mortgage interest or rent increases into the mix. Throw in a few unplanned tax hikes for good measure, coupled with a drop in your partner’s income.

What would that look like for you, and how would you shape your financial future?

I’m not inventing that scenario, by the way. It affected most of Europe in 2010. Our fundamental financial reality changed. A massive lifestyle change was the result for lots of us.

It sounds like a scary…

While still protecting my mental and physical health

Girl sitting at a desk with an Ipad in front of her.
Girl sitting at a desk with an Ipad in front of her.

Does your entrepreneurial side secretly crave a side hustle? Or, like most of us, are you targeting extra income? Side hustles have never been more popular. Some people have even recommended multiple income streams for financial security.

Honestly, the thought of more than one side hustle and a day job is mind blowing to me. How are we expected to find the time? Passive income is the holy grail, but it’s also hard to come by. At least at first.

Now, more than ever, we have to focus on our health. …

A simple alternative to journaling for anyone stressed but time stretched.

Girl in field of sunflowers
Girl in field of sunflowers

Over the last year, I’ve been trying to reclaim some time for myself. It’s hard. Most of us have so many commitments that making it through the day can be an achievement.

An old mentor used to say, “Remember, the best time of your life is now. It has to be”. I was never sure what she meant. I was an expert at postponing happiness to a future time when my life would be perfect, or focusing on happy times in the past.

Like half the world, I looked…

The right job can bring financial freedom and work /life balance

Girl sitting at a desk in front of a large window with a sea view
Girl sitting at a desk in front of a large window with a sea view

You’d be forgiven for thinking developing a side hustle is the only way to secure your financial goals. There are lots of articles highlighting the benefits of having a second income stream to build wealth.

But there’s an important risk some of these articles don’t address. And that’s the risk of underestimating the potential of your day job. Career management is still one of the best ways to build wealth.

The humble day job can get overlooked in all the hype that surrounds side hustle culture. Even worse, you might believe you’re sabotaging your financial security without a side hustle.

How a home renovation show saved me $60,000

Girl in a hammock in a room
Girl in a hammock in a room

Housing is one of our biggest expenses. Whether it’s mortgage or rent, it accounts for a sizeable chunk of our monthly budget. It deserves a lot of attention to avoid expensive mistakes. I’d say it’s one of the few “musts” for anyone interested in good financial planning.

Cost is a factor of location and size. Location is something you can’t always fix. If you need to be in a certain area for work or want to avoid a long commute, you might be happy to pay more. But size is a separate issue.

I think we overestimate the size of…

Practical help if you’re struggling right now

Girl in a meadow of pink flowers
Girl in a meadow of pink flowers

Have you ever been completely stressed out about money? One of the worst things was probably the impact on your mental health. We’ve all had “tough months,” usually after December. But it’s very different if you’re worried about money, every day, with no end in sight.

It can be a very lonely place, especially if you’re surrounded by people who seem to do much better than you. Constantly worrying about money can make us anxious and depressed. It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed.

But help is available to solve the problems or make them manageable in time.

I can’t tell…


You might be surprised by the results

Brown haired girl, with a bag, at a window pressing a button.
Brown haired girl, with a bag, at a window pressing a button.

Medium has always valued its readers. So much so they asked me to survey them. They’re anxious to see if readers are happy with what’s on the platform. They especially wanted to know if they use any of the self-help advice sometimes published.

This was a professional job. I had staff ID, a photo of Ev Williams on my clipboard, pen, paper, and calculator.

I took this seriously, no shortcuts here. I surveyed 450,634 readers and collated all their responses. Such a pity Ev wouldn’t give me a mileage allowance!

Their answers mainly fell under three broad headings.

Spoiler alert…

Sasha Doyle

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