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Our 30s can be the time lots of us make what my parent’s generation called “good money.” You’ve inched your way up the career ladder or seen your business deliver modest returns.

You’re not rich, but you’ve progressed from being financially “solvent” to being financially “robust.” …

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Wherever you are in the world, there’s no shortage of financial advice. It seems like social and print media are full of articles on personal financial management.

And that’s great. Once you think about who you’ll listen to and how relevant you think their advice is to your circumstances.


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We all have to deal with “difficult encounters” in our day-to-day lives. It might be tackling a work colleague about poor performance, or calling out unacceptable behaviour from friends or family.

Some of us have no problem dealing with any of these things. They don’t create any anxiety at all…

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You’d be forgiven for thinking developing a side hustle is the only way to secure your financial goals. There are lots of articles highlighting the benefits of having a second income stream to build wealth.

But there’s an important risk some of these articles don’t address. And that’s the risk…

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