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CFO, Entrepreneur, & Learner. Writing about personal growth, finance, & books. Lifelong reader. Writing about what I know, what I’m learning & what I love.

They gave me a new perspective on personal growth

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Readers are like gold miners. When we discover a promising book, we seek rich rewards. Our first reading uncovers the top layer, often deeply satisfying, but we hope for more if we probe further.

Hot Milk, by Deborah Levy, shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize in 2016, with its multifaceted study of ordinary lives didn’t disappoint.

The novel explores the complexity of human relationships and questions the duty we owe to ourselves as well as to others. It highlights the dilemma we frequently face trying to balance these competing responsibilities.

Sofia, the principal character, examines her life and explores how…

4 lessons from a young entrepreneur

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I’m a Head of Finance for a large corporate business while also running two small businesses on the side.

In 2020 my business plans had stalled. I had lost motivation and direction.

I didn’t expect the solution to come from a 24-year-old business graduate in her first corporate job, who was also getting a business off the ground. But that’s what happened. Reaching out to her was outside my comfort zone, but it’s the best decision I’ve made in a long time. It delivered an immediate increase in my motivation and eventually my profit.

Nobel Prize winner Richard Feynman said…

5 hacks to avoid bureaucracy and make budgeting work for you

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You might have the best marketing plans in the world, but if you can’t get your budget approved, you can’t implement them.

This applies to everyone from chief marketing officer to project marketing managers.

Securing funding is the difference between showing top management how great your ideas are or spending the year scaling back campaigns due to lack of money. Nobody wants to be in that position.

Marketing teams have an inbuilt advantage over every section of the business when pitching for funds. …

Be a good parent, don’t delay, test them today

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You want the best for your child and do everything to set them on the right path. But it’s natural to worry. Ask yourself three simple questions.

-Does your child take the family laptop and lock themselves in the basement for hours on end?

-Did you hear them tell Santa they wanted a Unicorn for Christmas, only to scream hysterically when you produced a stuffed horse with a horn on its head, on the big day?

-Have they woken the family in the middle of the night sobbing and screaming “my angel investors are walking away”?

If the answer is…

Because they might make more money in less time

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Today everyone seems to either have a side hustle or be starting one.

Recent research shows 85m Americans currently have a side hustle, with another 61m planning to start in 2021.

The major motivation is to improve their financial position. Over 46% hoped to generate a passive income stream, and 33% wanted to diversify their current earnings.

A side hustle has the potential to grow into a profitable business, but it takes time, and earnings can be low, especially at the start.

It’s important not to neglect your primary income and financial planning process while growing a new business.


Why I feel this book is still relevant for society and politics in 2021

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Jonathan Swift wrote Gulliver’s Travels in 1726, and it has never been out of print since. It was an immediate bestseller and voted the third most popular novel of all time by The Guardian newspaper in 2013. An impressive record and the consensus is that the book deserves every accolade it received.

It reads as an adventure book, detailing the travels of the narrator, Mr Lemuel Gulliver, to several “remote nations of the world”. It’s only when you dive deeper into the book that you realise there is much more going on.

Critics have called the novel one of the…

Medium motivation for beginners

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I started writing on Medium in March 2021 and so far I’ve published 7 stories. Three were published in March and four in April.

Six of the articles got into publications and all but one got curated. I self-published one article that got curated as well.

In case you think this is a “humble brag” let me say straight off that my combined earnings for March and April so far are less than $10!

Am I discouraged? No. And it doesn’t mean that curation isn’t worth it.

I’m a bit of a research nerd and read lots of articles to…

One story, 3 pubs, and what it taught me as a new writer on the new Medium

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New writers on Medium have it really tough at the moment. We’re trying to find our feet and the rules seemed to have changed. Most of us also don’t have the benefit of any back catalogue of stories yet.

I’ve only been on Medium since March and I’m struggling to publish 4 times a week. Real life and a full-time job have to take priority, even if the advice is to publish consistently.

No one seems sure what’s going on with the almighty algorithm and even well-established writers say they are struggling at the moment. …

The reaction to EC President being left without a seat at a recent meeting says a lot.

Black chair in an empty room
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Did you ever play musical chairs as a child? The game where you start with maybe 12 kids, you put out 11 chairs, and start some music. While the music plays the kids dance around the room and when it stops each kid must find a chair, and find it fast!

Bet you never thought you might have to play that game if you rose to the dizzy heights of President of the EU Commission. But that is exactly where Ursula von der Leyen found herself at a meeting in Turkey this week. …

A short, simple, and effective way to make a rival your fuel for change.

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I have always been a competitive person. It generally works in my favour and drives me to achieve more. But when struggling to change some lifestyle habits, I realised I wasn’t using this to its full effect. I would focus on the new habit for a while, get discouraged, and fall back to my old ways.

I got frustrated and self-critical. I could see that other people were able to make lasting changes but not me. Eventually, it clicked. I was much more effective when I felt I was actually competing against someone. …

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